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Names and meanings

8/14/18 1:28:44 PM


It is interesting to see how words can change meaning over cultures, and over time. Take a word like Liver. The organ that exists in humans and other vertebrates. It represent a unit of thought (a think) that is common today to distinct that particular organ from the rest of the universe based on i ...

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The basic building blocks of languages

8/14/18 1:10:23 PM


As I was learning Spanish, I stumbled upon a very interesting verb - convencer. It means to convince. The prefix con-, I noticed, may symbolize the interior, or spiritual, manifestation of the verb it is affixed to. Without it, vencer means to overcome, or to win. So vencer - the “regular” verb is a ...

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The Con- prefix

8/14/18 1:00:31 PM


It is a common belief that the con- prefix means “together” or “with”. I think in certain cases, the con- prefix can also act as an “interior-izar”. It turns an otherwise exterior verb, acting on the outside world, to an interior verb acting on itself, and might even symbolise the spiritual or emo ...

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